Water Time

Jackie at her favorite place.
photo: Quinn
Handboarding small Manhattan Beach with my friend Andy. We were having fun anyhow : )

Small wave stoke at home : )

Enjoying my first canoe build on launch day, just over a year ago.
At home.
photo: A Quinn


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Could really go for a good, long, comfy, energizing hug. : )


Two hand-carved paipos in figured Mahogany. The little fellow (38” long) has deep single-to-double concaves through the bottom, while the larger four foot board has undercut fin-forms. Both are fast and fun and, yowza, that wood is beautiful!

Got a few new paipo commissions— boards headed to some serious whompers! Steep and deep! I’ll post photos as I carve.

Can’t wait to get really rolling on board building and get some of my work under excellent surfers’ feet.

girls build boats! boys sew sails!

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Some really bad pictures of my day’s focus. Bottom and deck are nearly completely faired/smoothed, rails and nose/tailblocks are still wanting, but pretty close. I’m taking waaay too long on board #1. ah, well, c’est la vie! At least I’m happy with it : )

Hollow Western Red Cedar 7’-5” x 21 1/2” x 2 5/8” hull, with agave rails, and agave and Padauk nose and tail blocks, and Paduak inlays. Will receive a glass-on True Ames L-flex 9-B (Liddle template 9” flex fin in volan). Round-pin-ish, with the possible incoming el nino in mind.

I walked down to True Ames just now and put in a custom order for a 9” Liddle template flex fin (L-flex 9-B) for the hull. Nice folks : ). I got to check one out in person and it looks like a great fit for the board (and, hopefully, some El Nino conditions this coming Fall and Winter). Stoked!

I’ve been cleaning up/final fairing the board today and, *whistles*, whoo, it looks pretty good! The fin will take a week, so I’ve got about three weeks (~two weeks for the glassing) until water time. Given Big Blue wakes up ; ).

Warm heart today : )

I like this : )